What is Dealfront?

Dealfront is a provider of cloud software for Sales & Marketing Intelligence. We operate different tools tailored to meet the specific needs of our B2B customers, enabling them to access vital information concerning their current and future business partners. In order to be able to provide our business solutions, Dealfront operates web crawlers that automatically collects and process publicly available data on the Internet.

What is PrivacyCockpit?

Dealfront cares about your privacy! That is why we developed PrivacyCockpit, our innovative privacy tool that is designed to put you in the driver's seat of your online presence, granting you effortless and unprecedented control over your personal data. With PrivacyCockpit, you can:
  • Gain comprehensive insight into what personal data is available online about you.
  • Exercise control over what parts of your publicly available data are shared with others, ensuring privacy without sacrificing visibility.
  • Manage what can be done with your personal data.

How to begin?

  • Enter your email to get access link
  • Go to your inbox and click link to access your data
  • Manage your data: confirm, edit or opt-out if needed